Read te following dialog and answer th quetions

Dina and Retno are discussing the wall magazine. They are going to make for the competition.


Dina     :  What will be the theme of our wall magazine ?

Reno    :  What about “going green”? I think it’s an interesting theme.

Dina     :  It is interesting but I believe many teams will use this theme.

Reno    :  You’re right. It is very popular theme?

Dina     :  What about water ?

Reno    :  What do you mean ?

Dina      :  Our wall magazine will be about water. Let’s start with the process of water formation  then  move on to disasters caused by water

Reno    :  We will talk about the importance of water in our lives.

Dina     :  Yes!

Reno    :  Well, I agree with the theme. It’s unique.

Dina     :  What if we meet every Sunday to make our wall magazine? Nobody is busy on Sunday.

Reno     :  Well, that’s not entirely true. I have a cooking class on Sunday morning, and a dancing in the afternoon. So, i am always busy on Sunday.

Dina     :  Oh, sorry. So, What’s your suggestion about the day ?

Reno    :  What about Saturday after school ?

Dina     :  Sounds great.


Here are expressiona AGREE and DISAGREE

Statement Agreeing Disagreeing
What about “going green”?

What about water ?

What if we meet every Sunday to make our wall magazine?

What about Saturday after school ?


Well, I agree with the theme.

Sounds great.

Well, that’s not entirely true
  Tha’s for sure

I couldn’t agree with you more.


That’s exactly how I fell.

That’s so true

You’re right.

I guess so.

I don’t think so.

I’m afraid I disagree

I totally disagree

I beg to differ

Not necessarily

That’s not always true

That’s not always the case

I’m not so sure about that

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